Grocery List/ Rude

by Dog_Lover2008

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this is a li'l song i wrote about someone i knew. pretty much the first boy i was ever in a serious relationship with. i was in high school and we ended on a pretty rough note, which was weird because it was all peaches and cream before that. we were silly and went to museums and hung out with my cat (?? why??) and i sometimes wonder what he's up to now.


yeah what i said was kind of rude
but youre kinda rude too
but i kinda like how we were like that

hanging out in the planetarium was fun
and i had a dream after it was over and done
you and me floating with our shiny new space suits on

basically i just wanted to say that i still think youre super cool
and i hope we can be friends again

because i love the way you dont think my bright yellow raincoat is dorky
and the way you sing along to songs you don’t know all the words to
and how my cat likes you even more than i do


released May 26, 2015




Dog_Lover2008 Portland, Oregon

hey! i'm from portland and i love dogs and art and music. i try and balance being an athlete, actress, and musician, but sometimes it's a struggle. singing has never been my forte but i love writing short songs and playing the guitar.

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